Vintage Bakelite Toucan Bird Pin Brooch Parrot Old DazzleCity

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Bright yellow Bakelite carved Toucan bird pin. This piece has an older reddish rhinestone eye. The beak is cut out and appears to have a reddish appearance. This one measures just over 3" long and 2" wide. It has a regular silver plated bar pin on the backside. There is some very hard silicone glue still in place and I hesitate to remove that and re-glue since is it secure and I chose to leave it in the original condition.

I would never profess to be an expert on anything - I will tell you what I know about this piece. I purchased it from a woman from LA who used to bring me vintage jewelry. That was many years ago. I used to buy alot of Bakelite from her - pins - buttons and belts ect. I enjoy making Bakelite stacker pins. She also sold at the Rose Bowl swap meet for a long time and occasionally I would visit her there.   All items turned out to be genuine.  I tested this item with semi chrome polish again not that I am proficient with that or 401. The q-tip remained a darker pinkish yellow. This item has been with me - carefully stored for awhile now. I would say it is in very good condition.