Vintage Bovine Camel Bone Earrings Egyptian Arabic Design Pierced DazzleCity

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I purchased a rather large collection of Egyptian bone earrings in the early 90's while traveling in Egypt. I assume that these are camel bone (they got alot of camels). You can see the texture on the bone. Their a true ivory cream color. The silver is a plated silver. They measures 2.75" long including the fish hooks. They were never worn. On the last picture on that one piece there is a small divot on the top  backside only. There is no visible sign of this on the front and I almost missed it myself. Only saw it in the camera.  I have reduced the price accordingly. Just one side of the "V" measures 2" long.  Across the top measures 1.5" wide.
I have described the divot on the one earring so this item will be a no return item.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking