Indian Head Belt Buckle Native Chief Headdress Diamond Cut

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This is a very large buckle measuring 4" across and 3"tall. It's been on my desk for awhile since I kept trying to ID this piece.  I've scoured the internet and eBay for months with no luck. So I'm just listing it. It's a beautiful piece - it appears to be diamond cut around the buckle which would make that a brass metal base. Just guessing here. High polished gold plate with a type of mineral or enameling inset into the piece.  There are no makers mark or signature anywhere on this piece.
Hate to be vague but I can not 100% identify the material.  If it is enameling it has a moss agate appearance. I don't believe this piece was ever worn - no scratches or dents. I don't even remember where or when I got it. If you have any questions do not hesitate to inquire. Only piece I have.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.