Vintage Millefiori Chevron Weird Beads Small Hole Sideways Lot 10 DazzleCity

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Small - flat - tiny hole - multi-colored beads 10 pc total.  NOT uniform in size - sideways hole - not thru the middle - flat on one side - domes on the other.  I've been an avid bead collector for years - just starting to consider selling some off.  These - I've tried to ID them over the years but haven't been successful. Their very odd. I don't remember where I got them - I don't remember when I got them - thinking it must have been on one of my pilgrimages to Tucson. I haven't been there in at least 15 - 20 years. I'm liquidating the odd ones first. What you see on this listing is exactly what you get.

Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.