Snake Serpent Pin Brooch Cobra Rhinestone Old Providence

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Here's what I know about this piece.  I picked up several of them in the late 80's.  I bought whatever I could afford to buy at that time just because I love snakes.  I bought them in a Providence RI warehouse.  They came from an over run.  They are not signed but I believe that they were made for KJL. They are not damaged or misshapen in any way.  

The smaller lighter blue 1/2 glass domes are a creamy pale blue. NOT givre's but an opaque solid.  The spine is has a bright ruby red rhinestones.  The head has 2 oval red eyes. The tail has 2 pear shaped red rhinestones.  All the stones are entirely prong set.  The back is a high polished gold plate.  I think this piece was actually ahead of it's time.
The entire piece measures a beefy 4.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.  I like to tell buyers to draw those dimensions out on a piece of paper to get an accurate feel for just how big this piece really is. It will not do for a silk blouse but rather stunning on a jacket or blazer.
Over the years I have seen this item re-produced - sometimes larger sometimes smaller. I can only tell you 100% what I know of this piece. It's a lovely piece that I've hoarded for many years in mint never worn condition.
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