11 lots Utah Land 1/2 Acre feet Water Rights Beryl Junction Vegas Close

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About the land - well 33 years ago when I got to Nevada being a California transplant I had a feeling what was going to happen to Las Vegas.  So I pushed a little further east and bought this land for future development in my "golden" years.  So those golden years are upon me now. I have decided to move in a different direction. Hence this listing.


You can not simply drill a well on your own property in Utah without water rights.  The weekend warriors who live up there on the weekends - well most of them have water hauled in. Would not have been my choice for full time living so I bought mine.

Enterprise Dam is very close - go fishing everyday.  It is a peaceful location.  I don't go up much but have seen all sorts of wildlife there. On the eagle and bird migration path. High desert - hardly any snow - just a dusting although a few years back in Cedar City - 1 hour east - they got quite a bit. It's very close to Modena which is on the ghost trail maps. Mostly farms and cattle ranches out there. Beryl Junction is close. Never met anyone out there that's just not the friendliest folks. There's a PO and a school and a dairy farm

If you head west on 56 your close to the national forest and if you stay on that road u end up in Panaca NV another delightful farming community.

South on 18 about an hour is St George where there's just about anything you need - Walmart - Home Depot - antiquing - restaurants shopping but beware closes up early.  The drive on 18 down is the most breathtaking scenery - gorgeous red high cliffs.  Lots of development on that road these days.

The taxes are all paid thru the end of this year. I have the titles to each lot in hand (somewhere in this house - lol)  I believe the transfer fees are very minimal - $10 last time I checked.  Any complications I'm happy to drive up and go over them which would be in Parawon, UT the county seat.  Water rights are filed with Cedar City.

this is an all cash deal - $15,000 which is a pretty fair deal. Coldwell Banker is listing single lots up there for $2,000 each and that doesn't include water.  I've owned this land for over 30 years now free and clear. The name of the sub-division if Garden Valley Ranchos - if you need the specific parcel numbers don't hesitate to ask

As I said I'm headed that way first of November to take new pictures an will post them when I'm back. I'm sure there's much to see since I haven't been there in 5 years. It's a 3 hour drive from Vegas - great weekend escape - dirt biking - fishing - bring your flying camera thingy - what's it call? scope out the whole danged place - you won't be disturbed.

As with anything you do on the internet - do your due diligence. If you live in Vegas take the time to drive up and view the area - it could be your perfect spot - you could hate it - at lease you know.  There are so many scams on the net - this can happen face to face or thru the mail - makes no difference to me. Checks will be cashiers and will hold till cleared. There will be no send me extra money scams. I've been in Las Vegas for 33 years - in my current home for 21 years. I'm not going anywhere soon.