Agate Kilt Pin 14kt Gold Bead Brass Rod Scottish Highland Hand Made DazzleCity

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Wasn't quite sure where to list this one.  I made many a few months back for a Celtic festival. I nearly sold out but have a few left.  I will be making more. The agate measures 1.5 inches long. Has a lovely brown and white pattern with all the inclusions the Mother Nature provides. The rod I used is not a standard bendable hat pin rod.  It is a much heavier brass rod to support the material in a kilt.  I hand bent the top end over and it fits snugly unto the stone so that the stone does not spin when worn. The stopper bead right under the stone is a 3mm genuine 14kt gold bead. The rod itself measures 4.75" long. Very good rod stopper at the end. Looks great on a kilt or a jacket. Each piece is unique unto itself and no 2 are ever alike.

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